Why I Did It This Way and Not That

An embryonic FAQ

Matt Gushee | Sat Mar 8 04:35:11 2014

I've gotten a few questions about the Coq au Vin code, along the lines of "Why did you do it this way? Why not use X?" Here are 3 possible answers to all those questions:

  • I am not smart enough to understand X;

  • Using X would entail dependencies that I consider undesirable; or

  • I want Coq au Vin to be a ...

Release Announcements, Part 5

Version 0.3 released

Shoring up the shoddy foundation

Matt Gushee | Sat Mar 8 04:22:34 2014

At long last a new version! Release 0.3 does not introduce any major new features; it is focused mainly on making a more robust and secure product. I have made the following changes:

  • Moved the FastCGI interface from the examples collection to the core library.

  • HTTP response generation is now done with intarweb.

  • Secured resources, such as the article edit form, ...

Release Announcements, Part 3

Version 0.2 Released

We Have Sessions!

Matt Gushee | Mon Nov 11 01:19:44 2013

Version 0.2 [alpha] of Coq au Vin is now available. It includes a few bug fixes, but the big news is that login and authenticated sessions are now available.

A few things you might want to know about the security mechanism:

  • The main Coq au Vin library provides the authentication mechanism, but does not enforce its use. I.e., your front-end code needs to ...

Want to Help?

Matt Gushee | Sun Oct 13 11:35:19 2013

Of course you do!

There are several ways you can support this project, whether or not you are a programmer.

Report bugs

The issue tracker is at https://github.com/mgushee/coq-au-vin/issues.

Create cool themes

Although Coq au Vin doesn't have a formal theming mechanism, you can certainly create a set of related templates, stylesheets, and scripts and share them with others.


Join the ...

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Coq au Vin Tutorial, Part 2

The Examples Collection

Matt Gushee | Sun Oct 13 10:44:22 2013

As of this writing, there are four examples. One is just a static page generator, two are rudimentary web apps with limited functionality; the fourth is the code that runs this site.

NOTE: in the following text, a string such as {your_port} indicates a variable -- i.e. you should substitute an appropriate value for your system.

NOTE2: I am aware that the formatting of ...


Discussion Group Created

Matt Gushee | Sun Oct 13 09:30:37 2013

Hey, everyone! I have created a Google group. Everyone interested in Coq au Vin is welcome to participate: end users, developers, those just checking it out ...

See you there! ...

Release Announcements, Part 2

Version 0.1.2 Released

Matt Gushee | Sat Oct 12 04:35:58 2013

This version fixes a bug that caused article teasers (i.e., the excerpts that are displayed in article lists) to be formatted incorrectly. You probably never noticed there was anything wrong ;-) ...

Coq au Vin Tutorial, Part 1

Getting Started

Matt Gushee | Fri Oct 11 17:50:31 2013

So, you're dying to get this thing running, aren't you? Here's a quick sketch of how to do it. These instructions assume you are using a Unix-like system and are familiar with using the command line. I do not have instructions for other platforms, but if you figure out how to make this work on Windows or MacOS, please let me know!

Prerequisites ...


Technical Overview

Matt Gushee | Fri Oct 11 16:31:36 2013


Coq au vin is implemented in Chicken Scheme. It is currently distributed as an egg, which is a Chicken-specific extension package.


I develop the software primarily on Linux (32-bit Arch Linux, to be precise), and my production server (where you are reading this) runs on FreeBSD. If you try it on another platform, please let me know how it goes. ...

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Features and Limitations

What you can and can't do with Coq au Vin

Matt Gushee | Fri Oct 11 16:06:41 2013

Generally speaking, I would say Coq au Vin has (or will have) a pretty normal simple-blogware feature set. You can:

  • Read, post, and edit articles

  • Find articles according to tags

  • Find articles by date (not implemented yet)

  • Comment on articles (not implemented yet)

However, it also has some options for organizing and presenting information that I have not seen in ...